Structlog If you haven’t heard about structlog yet, you are missing out! Structlog is this awesome python library that improves the standard python logging features. You can struct your logs very easily as key=value or json, it also has a neat way of showing logs when doing local development, like this: Django It turns out it is very simple to have it working on Django as well, all you need is to add the following to your settings.
I currently type on a nice mechanical keyboard from MNT, the MNT Reform Keyboard but I wish it was wireless to have less cables running through my work desk. So I came up with this project to try to turn this keyboard into a wireless one. The PoC I’m making is using 2x ESP32-S3 dev kit boards. The boards have 2 USB-C connections, one for programming and power and the other one can be used as USB-OTG.
Hello, I decided to start learning how veilid works. So the first thought was to get veilid-server running on my main machine, which is a macbook pro m1 running macos. I’m writing this as a guide to myself in the future in case I need to do this again, but feel free to follow it in case it helps. So, first thing is to clone the veilid repository with the following commands:
So, continuing on my cyberdeck build, this weekend it was time to build its keyboard. The chosen one was a kit from keebd for a 40% ortholinear, using an rp2040 controller and keycaps I chose from drop. Assembling the kit wasn’t a hard task, which I will list in the bullet point list below: Put 48 diodes in the motherboard Solder all diodes Solder controller header Solder reset button Fit all 47 key switches with a faceplate (for reinforcement) and the mainboard Solder all switches Finally solder the controller into the header pins, this part was a little tricky because at first I put too much solder and they bridged together, so I have to use a solder sucker to the rescue Add the keycaps Last step was putting the acrylic base plate and add the rubber feet After all the assembly it was time to get it tested!
Ever since I got myself a 3D printer I’ve been looking for a few projects. I decided to build a cyberdeck and this is going to be good opportunity to learn how to make CAD models. And because tinkering with electronics is something I do as a hobby I think it will be an entertaining project. This is what I decided so far for the project: An 8.8 inch screen with 1920x480 resolution A Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 for the computing power A custom 40% ortholinear custom keyboard to keep the size of the cyberdeck small Custom 3D printed case A PCB to make a faceplate/bezel for the screen, I think it will look cool and I can put some text/art, perhaps even some function stuff, like on/off LED… I am not yet set if I want io ports in the cyberdeck, and also if it will have internal battery or if I should just use a portable external battery and have one usb micro port for power/battery.

Quick Updates

Soooo, decided to write a quick update on what is going on: The self hosted email server worked for a year before I decided to take it down due to lots of maintenances required. Servers started to refuse my email all of a sudden, it was an unending race to change configurations and make fixes. I decided to go back to gmail for now. I moved my mastodon account from fosstodon to freeradical, now you can find me @loop0@freeradical.

Owning my email server

A couple weeks ago I decided I should start de-googling and owning my own stuff on the internet, I thought it would be a good exercise to start by hosting my own email server. The attacks that fastmail (my current email provider for this domain) have been taking lately also contributed to the decision of hosting email on my own. Disclaimer: I’ve worked for many years in the past as a network/sysadmin and I’ve had to admin servers with thousands and thousands of email accounts.
I’ve decided I’m not buying any Apple products anymore, and here are my reasons. I’m a long time Linux person, been daily driving it since high school (2002), and I’ve always enjoyed it. Over the last years I started to buy into the Apple ecosystem bullshit everyone talks about, and so I bought my first iPhone XS Max, a bulky phone with an OK camera and a weird OS. Coming from Android it was a strange experience not having a back button, sometimes I wouldn’t understand why my app had two back buttons at the top on iOS, it is something that always felt like an afterthought from Apple.

Restarting My Blog

Hello, World! Hello everybody, I’ve decided to restart my blog to share my hobbies. This will be a place for me to write stuff that I may need to revisit in the future, or simply to get it out of my head and out into the cyberspace :P In the following days I will be republishing old stuff that I’ve written in my previous blog. BTW, I recently joined Mastodon and it has been a breath of fresh air, I got tired of the busy feed on twitter and decided to reconnect with my roots in free software and open source.